Weddings: How I work with you…

I work with my couples in various different ways.  I’ve created an event planning formula that can fit any budget and any needs that a couple may have by breaking down the event planning process in stages. My couples can benefit from my services as much or as little as they’d like, each stage building on the next, each level evolving more and more from a purely consultant level to a full hands-on planner.  Though arrangements can and have been made for me to be hands-on and in person for every stage of the wedding planning and day, by giving my couples the freedom to take my ideas, but execute them on their own or with the help of friends and family, I give them a great money saving option while at the same time, not feeling overwhelmed by the process because I’ve created a clear guide a road-map for them to follow based on their particular dreams, needs, and budget for the wedding.

The Process

You hire Honeybee Events on an as-needed basis, as much or as little as you want at these levels and stages of service and consulting:

I’m also an interfaith and secular ordained minister and would be honored to fulfill that role.

1) As-needed consultant: This is my lowest hourly rate.  I meet with the bride and/or groom to help with general brainstorming & what I call road-mapping for the wedding and various aspects of the event.
For example the road-map meetings for a traditional wedding (I’ve done very non-traditional weddings as well) may be:

  • wedding overview, themes, locale, catering etc.
  • decor & flowers
  • invitations, guests, favors & etiquette
  • apparel & bridal party
  • logistics, transportation, legalization and officiator
  • entertainment & electronics(photography, videography)
  • spiritual and cultural elements

After each meeting of this nature, I send them a plan of action and they take it from there on their own or for a slightly higher rate I can carry out the duties myself.

2) As-needed design & event element consultant: This is my second lowest hourly rate.  This involves actually creating & formulating design and theme elements for your wedding and finding where to get them, thus a lot of pavement pounding and comparison shopping.  This is done for any design elements you would want help with for example flowers, color schemes, music, decor.
After this stage in planning, I send the couple a plan of action for their design elements (including cost and location for purchasing all of these elements) and they take it from there on their own for getting everything and putting it all together or for a slightly higher rate I can carry out the duties myself.

3) As-needed craft & decor creator: This is my third lowest hourly rate.  This involves actually creating elements of the wedding in person.  For example: making centerpieces, bouquet and boutonnieres, flower arrangements, simple sewing for apparel, accessories or decor, favors, invitations and other wedding materials.  This stage involves a lot of hands on time and the rate varies based on whether you already have your own designs and just need help putting together what you already have, or if you need this stage plus stage two above.

4) Invitations and Papery – menus, place cards, thank you notes, wedding programs etc. This rate varies based on if you already have your materials and designs chosen and you just need help with wording and mailings, or if you need these elements created & chosen.

5) As-needed misc. planning:
For example-

  • travel plans – honeymoon, incoming guests etc.
  • transportation
  • errands & shopping
  • mailings
  • vendor and venue bookings
  • logistics arrangements – maps, guests hotels etc.
  • showers & parties
  • hair and make up(the price depends on whether or not you just need consulting or if you would like me to do your actual hair and make up on the day of the wedding)
  • rehearsal & rehearsal dinner
  • food

6) Wedding Day Coordination – this involves coordinating all of the logistics of the wedding day, including a time-line, participants, set-up and breakdown, vendors, venue elements and all of the elements chosen from the other stages of the planning that have led up to the day.  I give my couples a binder, it is basically a manual for their wedding that consists of all of the details of their wedding, and all of the planning elements, and a guide and time-line of what needs to be done and when.  They take this manual, and then they, their friends and family, take it from there on their own for the actual wedding day.  This option is a money saver, by not having me there in person on the wedding day, my couples can save a lot of money by just following the manual I’ve created for them.  The Wedding Day Coordination, is a lot of work, but the cost varies as it is based on what planning elements my couples need and what services they used from me leading up to the wedding day.

7) Wedding Day Facilitation– this is a great option for many couples.  Let’s say that you have every single aspect of your wedding planned and done, but you would like someone other than friends & family (so that they can enjoy your special day) to execute all of your arrangements on the actual day- that is where I come in.  You can just pass all of your plans and arrangements on to me, and I will see that they all run smoothly on your wedding day so that neither you, nor your loved ones has to lift a finger.

8) Wedding Guru – this is the most expensive option, this involves both consulting and planning stages as well as Wedding Day Coordination and Facilitation.