Prices & Policies

In most cases rates for each stage and consultation are hourly (except for the actual event day) for larger events flat fees for services are available.  Hourly and Flat fees vary based on three things:

1) Your budget

2) Location

3) Event date

You get a contract from Honeybee Events clearly laying out your requested services and consultations and the cost for each, no surprises, no hidden fees just upfront and honest pricing.

You don’t need to pay for services you don’t want and thus we can work together as your needs arise.

Our first meeting is free and scheduled for no more than a half hour to determine your needs and if Honeybee Events is a good fit for you.

Because Honeybee Events consultations and services are contracted on an as-need basis you can easily and securely pay with your debit or credit card using our pay pal account which will be sent to you once we’re working together on your event.

Additional staff charges- depending on the size and demands on your event, we may need to hire temporary support staff (from our own pool), this is something that can be determined and contracted as needed.

Cancellation & Payment Policy:

Honeybee Events understands how busy you are and how demanding your schedule is, and thus values your time and appreciates the importance of the fact that you have chosen to spend your money on event services and consultations.

Please pay at least 24 hours in advance of each meeting.

If Honeybee Events needs to reschedule a meeting it will be done by 24 hours in advance at the latest.

If Honeybee Events cancels and reschedules more than three times, you will be given a free meeting/consultation.

If you have scheduled and paid for a meeting and need to cancel, please do so by 24 hours in advance at the latest.  If you cancel and reschedule there is no additional charge.

If you cancel and reschedule more than three times, you will be charged a cancellation fee of one hourly rate.